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Fall/Winter 18/19 Women collections Fall/Winter 18/19 Women collections

NIEUWS | 17-08-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

M Missoni | Nathalie Vleeschouwer | Penny Black | Riani | Weekend Max Mara | Zenggi | Anneclaire | Smashed Lemon | 0039 Italy | Cambio | Jeff | Mala Alisha | Margittes | Milestone | Noble Wilde | Princess | Pierre Cardin | Rossopuro | Seductive | d'Alexine | Ramona

Fall/Winter 18/19 Men collections Fall/Winter 18/19 Men collections

NIEUWS | 17-08-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

Scabal | Sartoria Latorre | Roy Robson | Gentiluomo | Eton | Stenströms | Ign.Joseph | Della Ciana | Gran Sasso | Noble Wilde | 7 For all Mankind | Hiltl | MMX | Eurex | Zilton | Fortezza | Herno | Florsheim | Cole Haan | Fynch-Hatton | Ascot | Leyva | Pantherella | Slater | Fiorio


NIEUWS | 12-07-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

Jaarlijks verlof van 21 juli t.e.m. 6 augustus

New Fall Collection New Fall Collection

NIEUWS | 6-07-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

New deliveries Women Fall Collection

M Missoni | Margittes | Milestone | Riani | Seductive

M MISSONI Fall collection M MISSONI Fall collection

NIEUWS | 28-06-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

New delivery M Missoni ... new pieces that will instantly update your closet.

NEW DELIVERY 7 For All Mankind NEW DELIVERY 7 For All Mankind

NIEUWS | 28-06-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

Luxe Performance ... performance meets comfort!

FYNCH-HATTON summershirts FYNCH-HATTON summershirts

NIEUWS | 2-06-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

We have the short-sleeved shirt you have been looking for, check out our summary collection!

Destination: out of office Destination: out of office

NIEUWS | 22-05-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

A Stenströms linen shirt is light and airy to wear and is ideal for summer. Linen is made from the flax plant, a strong, smooth fiber, that gets softer by time and wash. Owing to its minimal elasticity, the fabric has an interesting texture. The breathability of linen means they feel as cool as they look. Wear linen for a relaxed tailored look or for laid back, casual wear.


NIEUWS | 17-05-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

Effortless, feminine and a tad rugged, if you allow it to be. Suitable for both fervent high-heel wearers and those who prefer sneakers. Simple and timeless. Because style lasts longer.

A passion for fabrics is in Zenggi's blood. Seemingly simple designs develop from the unique properties of beautiful materials and the search for the perfect fit. The materials are the focal point. In line with this philosophy, Zenggi works with unique fabrics such as silk, Japanese polyester and mohair wool.

Zenggi believes that style is a durable good. A trend sporadically and temporarily flows along with the items - but style remains. That's why designer and Zenggi's founder Marian Wigger chooses items for her collections that last longer than just one season. Not only in terms of style, but also in regard to quality. These are pieces that ultimately become favourites thanks to their eye for detail in seams, fabrics and lines. Season after season.

Pantherella socks Pantherella socks

NIEUWS | 12-05-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

Fresh colours, eye-catching designs and modern motifs encapsulate Pantherella's Summer collection.

From Sea Island Cotton, Merino Wool and our new Cotton/Linen blends, our luxurious yarns are carefully constructed to create another memorable season.

Taking inspiration from both world-renowned designers and iconic social trends, you will see a number of interesting patterns and motifs. Pantherella have incorporated seasonal designs, shapes and colours, manufactured to our renowned standards - and all Made in England.