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Let's talk about... SEDUCTIVE

SEDUCTIVE means... tempting, alluring, beguiling. And this is exactly what we want to convey with our trousers. They should make women feel good and help them wear their outfits with confidence.

"My personal style... is effortless and centered around high-quality individual pieces during the day and when I'm traveling. With my SEDUCTIVE trousers I wear white blouses or slim-fitting jumpers, which I like to combine with a blazer for business meetings. With such a simple look, I like my handbags and shoes to stand out. In the evenings, my style is more seductive, but still classic.

If I'm not wearing a dress, I will put on a pair of SEDUCTIVE trousers. There are a lot of pants with a very sexy cut. Black is usually my color of choice and I combine the look with a silk blouse, high heels and some accessories. 

The greatest succes of SEDUCTIVE... is that the collection has its own signature style, which has found a lot of fans."

Catrin Schanz, Head of Design SEDUCTIVE

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