ivens kleding

Stenströms... Swedish confidence

Today Stenströms is internationally renowned for its pristine shirts. Using the best materials available they craft shirts with a perfect fit and feel - all to instil a sense of added confidence to its bearer. We call it Swedish confidence.

High-quality fashion is the sum of many details. The greater attention put into those details, the greater the quality of the garment. That's why we at Stenströms put so much effort in to finding and choosing the best fabrics and engaging the best designers, cutters and tailors. Our demands on quality and design are well known among the suppliers we work with. Stenströms mainly use 100% Two Fold cotton fabrics, most of them woven from the finest Egyptian cotton. We are supplied exclusively by Europe's quality leading manufactures. All though our techniques and production facilities have been modernized since August Stenström opened his shirt factory 100 years ago, our experienced craftsmen and women still do most of the sewing by hand; simply because certain operations cannot be automated.  And that, of course, is part of the reason behind the renowned Stenströms quality.

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