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Fall/Winter 18/19 Women collections Fall/Winter 18/19 Women collections

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M Missoni | Nathalie Vleeschouwer | Pennyblack | Riani | Weekend Max Mara | Zenggi | Anneclaire | Smashed Lemon | 0039 Italy | Cambio | Jeff | Mala Alisha | Margittes | Milestone | Noble Wilde | Princess | Pierre Cardin | Rossopuro | Seductive | d'Alexine

Fall/Winter 18/19 Men collections Fall/Winter 18/19 Men collections

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Scabal | Sartoria Latorre | Roy Robson | Gentiluomo | Eton | Stenströms | Ign.Joseph | Della Ciana | Gran Sasso | Noble Wilde | 7 For all Mankind | Hiltl | MMX | Eurex | Zilton | Fortezza | Herno | Florsheim | Cole Haan | Fynch-Hatton | Ascot | Leyva | Pantherella | Slater | Fiorio

Opendeurdagen 12, 13 en 14 oktober Opendeurdagen 12, 13 en 14 oktober

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We verwelkomen u graag met drinks & bites en tonen u de nieuwste trends op modevlak.


Vrijdag 12 oktober van 10.00 tot 20.00u

Zaterdag 13 oktober van 10.00 tot 18.00u

Zondag 14 oktober van 10.00 tot 17.00u

Bezoek beide winkels en ga naar huis met een leuk presentje.

SCABAL Autumn/Winter 2018 SCABAL Autumn/Winter 2018

NIEUWS | 29-09-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

A certain rugged beauty is exposed in winter: a starker palette, a pared back landscape. But though the days may be darker, a well-chosen gentleman's wardrobe positively shines during these colder months.

It's a time when an array of fabrics, styles, patterns and weights can be matched, twinned and layered for results that are as striking as they are practical.

Scabal's new season collection creates a forward-thinking range rooted in its British heritage. The very finest materials - cashmere, merino wool, soft flannel - make for covetable pieces perfect for autumn wear.

Fortezza: style becomes image Fortezza: style becomes image

NIEUWS | 21-09-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

Historic Italian culture as inspiration for an emotional approach to modern protection, where style, design and comfort come together in a fashionable, innovating and detailed concept.

HERNO in four words HERNO in four words

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ERNO, the river whose name links the company to its origins.

EXCELLENCE, built on research and innovation.

ETHICS, because transparency is more than a value.

ECOLOGICAL sustainability, always looking towards the future.

Eton: swedish craftmanship Eton: swedish craftmanship

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Why Eton

Swedish craftmanship, premium quality, creative innovation and diversity in style. These are the values that make Eton unique.

Swedish craftmanship

Each Eton shirt is made out of 45 different parts and sewn with 1200 stiches. Thanks to the use of extra long fibre cotton, Eton shirts guarantee impeccable comfort and style.

Find the perfect fit

A stylish look starts with the right bodyfit of the shirt. Eton designed four different bodyfits for every shape and taste: super slim, slim, contemporary and classic fit.

Cole Haan: probably the most comfortable shoe in the world Cole Haan: probably the most comfortable shoe in the world

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Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan began Cole Haan in 1928, resolving to make good goods and nothing but good goods. Today Cole Haan create the shoes for people who are ingenuous, resourceful and want to make a difference. Cole Haan has a long held commitment to quality, craftsmanship and innovation. Cole Haan ... traditional craft with modern engineering!

JEFF: a Belgian brand born in 2000 JEFF: a Belgian brand born in 2000

NIEUWS | 14-09-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

A typical combination of feminity and nonchalance touch. The creative team is continually in search of the ultimate JEFF detail and is inspired by urban trends from various fashion cities.

Stenströms: style, quality and comfort Stenströms: style, quality and comfort

NIEUWS | 14-09-2018 : 08:00 | Lees meer

Each Stenströms shirt undergoes more than 60 separate production stages, 25 on the collar alone, to give it that special feel which is so characteristic of a Stenströms shirt.

Production facilities have been modernized during our more than 100 years of operation, but certain operations demand a human touch and simply cannot be automated. Only then can a truly distinctive shirt be made, a shirt that retains its form, elegance and comfort year in year out.