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The Missoni style The Missoni style

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M Missoni's signature style and palette, patterns and prints have become synonymous with a keen and sure sense of taste: exquisite figurative or abstract motifs inspired by nature, art and architecture, different habits and cultures.Constructions, cuts and fits are the credentials of a fashion which, while rooted in tradition, comes on new season after season in a spirit of non conformist freedom.

Style with conviction Style with conviction

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This is the motto of the man who wears MMX trousers. The MMX customer is responsible, discerning and individual. He is ageless and pays particular attention to the quality and the perfect fit. But he is not dictated to by fashion. His decisions are made with care and a keen sense of what he likes. He is uncompromising stylish!

Modern details Modern details

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The classic business shirt with contrasting details will elevate your style. A print inside the collar and cuffs or coloured buttons makes a shirt with attention to details that is something out of the ordinary.

Luxury without compromise Luxury without compromise

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NOBLE WILDE Merino Possum: Two fibres, one apparel sensation. Merino Possum is unique to New Zealand. Only New Zealand can sustainably produce the required possum fur. And New Zealand is one of only a handful of countries producing premium quality fine Merino wool.

Weft Knitting Company, the wholly New Zealand-owned manufacturer of Noble Wilde Merino Possum garments, is New Zealand's largest user of this fabulous yarn.

Noble Wilde garments are not for everyone. They are for those people who, like you, appreciate the best our world has to offer.


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Customize your shirt after your preferences. Adjust the size of the shirt, choose your favourite collar and add a unique monogram.

Fall/Winter 18/19 Women collections Fall/Winter 18/19 Women collections

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M Missoni | Nathalie Vleeschouwer | Pennyblack | Riani | Weekend Max Mara | Zenggi | Anneclaire | Smashed Lemon | 0039 Italy | Cambio | Jeff | Mala Alisha | Margittes | Milestone | Noble Wilde | Princess | Pierre Cardin | Rossopuro | Seductive | d'Alexine

Fall/Winter 18/19 Men collections Fall/Winter 18/19 Men collections

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Scabal | Sartoria Latorre | Roy Robson | Gentiluomo | Eton | Stenströms | Ign.Joseph | Della Ciana | Gran Sasso | Noble Wilde | 7 For all Mankind | Hiltl | MMX | Eurex | Zilton | Fortezza | Herno | Florsheim | Cole Haan | Fynch-Hatton | Ascot | Leyva | Pantherella | Slater | Fiorio

Eton: modern details Eton: modern details

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A shirt with modern details is perfect for any occasion. Find your favourite from our large selection of shirts with contrasting buttons, trimmings and other details that make these shirts stand out.

Let's talk about ... SEDUCTIVE Let's talk about ... SEDUCTIVE

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SEDUCTIVE means ... tempting, alluring, beguiling. A perfect pair of trousers should ... give the wearer a great figure and be an essential wardrobe piece that is easy to combine. And that is exactly what SEDUCTIVE wants to convey with their trousers. They should make women feel good and help them wear their outfits with confidence.

ZONDAG 11 november OPEN ZONDAG 11 november OPEN

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ZONDAG 11 november open van 10.00 tot 13.00u